Bev Grant and Charlie King House Concert, 2/18/2017


We present a special House Concert
Sat. Feb. 18, 2017 6:30PM
at the home of Susan Romo and King Reilly in Los Feliz
$30 admission includes buffet dinner and drinks
RSVP – address will be provided- 323 662 2563


After 40 years of friendship and mutual admiration Bev Grant and Charlie King are joining forces and taking it on the road.  Both grew up in singing families and share roots in the musical and political uproar of the 1960s.  With Bev’s powerful guitar work, Charlie’s haunting harmonica accompaniment and a rich array of vocal leads and harmonies they present a repertoire of songs that stands the test of time.  It’s a show not to be missed.

Bev Grant is a veteran social activist, feminist, and labor singer-songwriter. She founded and directs the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus.  Bev grew up singing and playing in Portland OR.  After moving to New York City she devoted herself to topical songwriting and social activism, notably in her band The Human Condition.  Her song “We Were There,” written for her multi-media performance piece of the same name, has become an anthem of women in the labor movement.

“Songwriting became my way to work out thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and to connect with others.  I began to understand that most of our stories, poor and working people’s stories, aren’t what we hear on the radio.  I continue to write songs that focus on poor and working women the world around.   I look for the common threads that bind us through the personal stories of real people, each struggling for a better life.”

Charlie King is a musical storyteller and political satirist.  He sings and writes passionately about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.  Pete Seeger hailed him as “One of the finest singers and songwriters of our time.”  He has been at the heart of American folk music for half a century and has been writing songs for over 40 years.

Born and raised in Brockton, MA, he cites as musical influences the folk music revival of the 1960’s, the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War era.  His songs have been recorded and sung by other performers such as Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Ronnie Gilbert, John McCutcheon, Arlo Guthrie, Peggy Seeger, Chad Mitchell and Judy Small.

“I try to cover a broad emotional landscape in my concerts.  The stories I collect and the songs I write take the listener on a journey of humor, heartache and hope.  What I most value in a song is the way it helps us see an old reality in a totally new light.”

Anne Feeney  says, “Bev Grant has been a constant source of inspiration… a brilliant feminist with a true rock and roll heart.  What’s not to love?”

Peggy Seeger says, “If we had more Charlie Kings in the world I’d be less worried,” and Tom Paxton adds, “Luckily, we have him!” 


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