50th Anniversary Concerts UCLA 2008


The Ash Grove and UCLA live produced two SOLD-OUT shows at Royce Hall, and 3 days of workshops with singer and performers from across the world.

Royce Hall, Fri. night, April 18: Dave Alvin; Ramblin’ Jack Elliott; Ben Harper, Laura Love; Bob Neuwirth; a tribute to Old Time Music with Mike Seeger, Roland White and Ry Cooder; Culture Clash; Holly Near (with emma’s revolution); Ashley Maher, and Barry Fisher’s Ellis Island and friends tribute to world-music great Mike Janusz, with Michael Alpert, John Bilezikjian, Ethel Raim, Stuart Brotman, Catherine Foster, Selaidin (Sal) Mamudoski and more.

Royce Hall, Sat. night, April 19: The Freedom Singers, John Hammond, Taj Mahal, the Bernie Pearl Blues Band and Barbara Dane, Dwight Trible, Michelle Shocked, The Watts Prophets, and a Tribute To George Smith with James Harman, Johnny Dyer, Rod Piazza and others.
Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen) and Anna DeLeon will M.C. both shows..

Daytime Free Concerts and workshops
-April 18, 19 & 20

Friday, April 18

Noon, Schoenberg Hall – Urban Folksay: Watts Prophets, Culture Clash’s Richard Montoya..

Perf_highlights-1.mov.Still014Saturday, April 19:

11 AM , Schoenberg Hall – A Sing Out: Songs of Protest and Resistance: Holly Near, Len Chandler, Guy and Candie Carawan, Roy Zimmerman, Ross Altman, (producer).

Noon, Band – Hillbilly Fever: From Old Timey to beyond Bluegrass, with a special tribute to Clarence White: Roland White, Mike Seeger, Phil Boroff, Herb Pedersen, Leroy Mack, Peter Feldmann (moderator).
Noon, Choral Room – Women’s Culture of the 1960s/’70s (panel). Terry Wolverton, Vicki Randle, Cris Williamson, Cheri Gaulke, Johanna Demetrakas. Moderator Irene Wolt. Co-sponsored by UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women.

12:30 pm, Jan Popper Theater – The Ash Grove: Roots and Legacy (panel). Barry Hansen, Anna DeLeon, Taj Mahal, Gordon Alexandre, Bernie Pearl, Barbara Dane. Moderator Jerry Kay.

1:30pm – Choral Room. Holly Near: Art and Activism. Holly Near, who has worked as an artist in social change movements over the last 40 years, will investigate the relationship between song and activism – songs that have changed lives and lives that have changed songs. Special guests include emma’s revolution and Guy and Candie Carawan.

Perf_highlights-1.mov.Still0041:30 pm, Band Room – New Songs Swap: Peter Case, Michelle Shocked, Laura Love, I See Hawks in L.A. (Paul Lacques & Rob Waller), Dave Alvin (moderator).

2 PM , Schoenberg Hall – World Music Concert: Huayucaltia, John Bilezikjian, Michael Alpert, Ellis Island Band, Ethel Raim, Catherine Foster, Conjunto Jardin, UCLA’s A.J. Racy Near East Ensemble, Halina Janusz (a Mike Janusz Tribute), Selaidin (Sal) Mamudoski, the Stevens family Romani ensemble, and featuring Stuart Brotman, Dan Weinstein, Barry Fisher (Producer).

3 pm, Band Room – Cultural Politics of the 1960’s (panel): Mike Davis, Carol Wells, Favianna Rodriguez, Sandy Carter, Lamont Yeakey. Moderator Gordon Alexandre.

3:00 pm, Choral Room – Poetry and the ’60s Revolution: Linda Albertano, Michael C. Ford, John Harris, Jack Hirschman, Laurel Ann Bogen, Mel Weisburd. Moderator Sherman Pearl.

4 pm, Jan Popper Theater – The Freedom Singers

Sunday, April 20

11 AM, Schoenberg Hall – A Mighty Sound: Gospel Concert, with The Eddie Kendricks Gospel Choir, Bernice Reagon and the Freedom Singers, Leroy Mack and the Bluegrass Gospel band, Dwight Trible, Michelle Shocked.

Perf_highlights-1.mov.Still01712:30, outside Schoenberg Hall – Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi klezmer music

12:30-4:30 pm, Jan Popper Theater- Finale Concert. Roy Zimmerman (M.C.), Taj Mahal, Laura Love, Mandy Steckelberg, Guy and Candie Carawan, Kenny Edwards, emma’s revolution, Ava Wynn, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott; Suzy Williams and the Backboners.

2:15-4:45 pm, Schoenberg Hall – Finale Concert Taj Mahal, Barbara Dane and Pablo Menendez, Cris Williamson, Sheila Nichols,Vicki Randle, Ashley Maher.
Seating for the free workshops and concerts is limited; tickets will be required.
Tickets for each event will be offered starting at 1 hour before that event. First come, first served. Limit of two tickets per person. Seats not taken by ticket-holders by start time will be given away.

All daytime events will take place in the Schoenberg Music Building; subject to change.
Schoenberg Hall – 1100 Schoenberg Music Building
Jan Popper Theater – 1200 Schoenberg Music Building
Choral Room – 1325 Schoenberg Music Building
Band Room -1345 Schoenberg Music Building
All of the free workshops and concerts are funded by the Ash Grove Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to present ongoing activities combining music, culture, politics and history. Donate!

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