Junteenth 2011

The Ash Grove Summer Series
Opens with a Celebration of Juneteenth

Freedom songs, gospel, blues and the word, all coming together on
Sunday afternoon, June 19th, 2011



Bettie Mae Fikes

Powerful Alabama singer Bettie Mae Fikes – a leading voice among the Freedom Singers of the Civil Rights Movement.
She’ll be joined by master blues man Bernie Pearl

Bernie Grammy

Bernie Pearl

Poet S. Pearl Sharp.

And those teenage wizards of poetry, the Get Lit Players.

June 19th, 2:00 p.m.,  at the
Tropico de Nopal Gallery, in Los Angeles,
1665 Beverly Boulevard, East of Alvarado.

The Ash Grove Summer Concert Series begins with a celebration of Juneteenth on Sunday, June 19th, the date when slaves in Texas learned of their freedom, years after the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted and months after surrender of the Confederate States. The date and name have become the symbol of Black Liberation, throughout the U.S.

Get Lit Players

The Get Lit Players

The event features the powerful Alabama singer Bettie Mae Fikes, the youngest of the great Freedom Singers, now living in LA, when not performing blues, gospel and freedom songs throughout the world.  She’ll be accompanied by bluesman Bernie Pearl, who has toured with Betty, including last Fall’s historic homage honoring the 50th anniversary of the anthem, We Shall Overcome. Bernie will also perform his own usually brilliant solo set, accompanied by his formidable bassist, Mike Barry.

The show continues after intermission with poet S. Pearl Sharp, and those teenage wizards of poetry, the Get Lit Players. The Players have just returned from performing at the White House, organized by first Lady, Michelle Obama.

The afternoon will conclude with the entire cast, and audience participation in the songs of liberation.  Food, Drink, CD’s, et al, available throughout the day.

For more on S. Pearl Sharp, click on http://www.spearlsharp.com/,


Pearl S. Sharp

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