The Ash Grove on Wikipedia

ashgrove2The Ash Grove first opened July 1st, 1958, at 8162 Melrose Ave. and was closed by fire on November llth, 1973, a period of over 15 years.

Ash Grove Builders – by Ed Pearl

A large number of creative and dedicated people were indispensable to the development of the original club, from before it opened in 1958 to after its closing at the end of 1973. Some were formally part of management and some not. The artists are included not just because of their great music and inspiration, but because they regularly put together programs and educated me, personally. All these folks expanded and deepened the music, the audience and the concept.

Heres a very incomplete list of these edbugbuilders, in order of when they appeared on the scene, and as much as memory allows:

Bess Lomax Hawes, Pete Seeger, Kate Hughes, Phil Melnick, Ed Michel, Sherman Pearl, Freddy Wachter, Carroll Peery, Barbara Dane, Martin Cohen, Barbara Dorman Boyle, Bernie Pearl, David Cohen, Sandy Getz, John Cohen, Mike Seeger, Clarence White, Joseph Chambers, Ralph Rinzler, Dick de Rusha, Taj Mahal, Jerry Kay, Gordy Alexandre, Anita Fry, Bill Palmer, Gwen Palmer and Louise Padden.