Eric Ahlberg

eric_hat_painterlyEric has been working with Ed Pearl since the early 70’s.  Radicalized in high school by “The LA Free Press”, KPFK, and Radio Free Oz, he went to love-ins in Griffith Park and scored his first acid on the Sunset Strip.  At UCLA he joined the Westwood Liberation Front, and a Food Coop.  After selling Underground Comix and Mao’s Red Book  from a push cart in Westwood, he joined the Midnight Special Bookstore collective in Venice. For a time the Midnight Special Bookstore had a bookstore at the original Ashgrove.  Since then Eric has worked with Ed on production of many projects.

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Eric is a Systems Engineer for Oracle Corporation, and he does sound engineering for small concerts.  He is a member of the Free Venice Beachhead Collective and lays out the newspaper. Eric is a member of the Venice Arts Council.  He is in three or so bands, The New Ash Grove Players, The Shooflies, and The Nicknamers.

Here is some of the events I have worked on with Ed before 1990.

STOP THE NUKEMACHINE – MEET HUMAN NEEDS – A Festival of Art, April 1 to 21, 1979 at the Old Venice Jail Gallery, Social and Public Art Center, Venice Beach.

Target L.A. The Art of Survival – Anti-Nuclear Music and Arts Festival, August 6,7,8 1982 – Parking Structure at 3rd and Alameda.

Target L.A. Anti-Nuclear Music and Arts Festival, Brookside Park – September 20-25 1983

San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents Americans, at the Fox Venice Theatre  October 21,23,24 (no date on the poster,probably 80’s).  A Benefit for Medical Aid to El Salvador and the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador.

San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents – Factwino vs Armageddonman – The Final Conflict May 29 in the 80’s.

Wallflower Order – Women’s Dance Theatre.

Artists for Survival: Art and New Nicaragua, October 15, 1982 at the Women’s Building

Ash Grove Productions: The Rebel Rockers and The Babylon Warriors at the Music Machine

L.A. Artists for Survival: Fallout Fashion Show, February 2 1983 at Budd Freidman’s Improvisation with Mark Lonow.

Cheri Gaulke’s “This Is My Body”, March 5th and 12th at the Church in Ocean Park.

Ash Grove Productions and Torie Osborne Productions: Inti-Illimani and Sabia, Sept 14 198? Robert Frost Auditorium

A Benefit for El Rescate: Robin Flower Band, Sabia, Bonnie Raitt.  Friday May 23 198?

Julio Solorzano – May 24, 1986, at the Robert Frost Auditorium.

Ash Grove Productions: An All-Star Evening of Art Against Apartheid

Hands Off The Americas – July 20 198?

The Central American Refugee Center presents Sabia, and Huayucaltia, September 20 198?, Robert Frost Auditorium

10th Anniversary Concert, Sabia, Saturday June 18, 1988 Robert Frost Auditorium

These are just some of the projects Ed and I have worked on together.